What People Are Saying
What People Are Saying…

Thank you so much Victoria. I ordered a framed chart and summary reading for my partner for our first anniversary and he loved it. It’s such a great, unique, personal gift which we will cherish for many years. I recommend this as a special gift for any person as it shows you a side of yourself (or another person) you may never have thought of before. Great service by Victoria, absolutely lovely to deal with in all aspects from beginning to end and fast delivery. Thank you again!

Lea - Pisces and Pete - Libra

My husband and I decided to get our daughters chart read as we were looking for insight into how we could be the best possible parents for her. Although she is younger than the 5yrs recommended to conduct these reports, we found it extremely accurate and it really helped us to understand her more on a spiritual level. Victoria provided us with an in-depth report about her and also included information on myself and my husband (based on our birth time and dates) on how we best interact with her and also gave some great tips on the types of activities that would suit us as a family.

Victoria also spent almost an hour on Skype explaining the key points on the report and asked me more questions before finalising her notes. We not only found Victoria informative but she showed genuine interest and compassion in her approach to our little family. 

Thanks Victoria as we have become more of a peaceful and harmonious family now and we have more of an understanding about our daughter. I would really recommend Who Am I Astrology for anyone wanting to build stronger and more spiritual relationships with family and friends.

Thomas - Leo and Nikki - Aries

I was extremely touched to receive a framed chart from Victoria recently as a gift in celebration of the birth of my son. The frame and chart is artful yet simple, and I really like its understated elegance. It is perfect as a decoration for my son’s nursery and I look at it everyday. You can tell it was made with care and with a professional knowledge of astrology. If you want that certain gift that is just a little different, then I would definitely recommend ordering one.

David - Virgo and son Manning - Aquarius

Victoria, just a quick note to say thank you so much for my framed birthday chart and summary reading.

Not only did I get a beautiful gift that I will treasure forever, but in the summary reading there was plenty of information to take away and refer back too. So much of what you wrote resonates with me and I understand much more about myself now. And I am much more than just the stereotypical Aries! It is brilliant! Easy to understand, informative and most importantly, relevant. I can’t believe how special I am with only 7% of the population sharing astrology aspects that are the same as me.

I have put in my order for a framed chart for my niece and I will be ordering a framed Family chart for my sister and brother-in-law. What perfect gifts! Her parents will love it. They have seen your charts online and commented on how they are looking forward to getting something for the whole family, but I’m going to surprise them with it. You really can’t get more of a personalised gift than this!

I feel like I’ve discovered astrology in a new way – many thanks!

Stephanie - Aries

I just needed to thank the very clever and insightful Victoria Davis for her wedding gift to my husband and I. Victoria prepared a 15 page hard copy book which firstly describes each of our astrological charts and then goes on to explain in great detail how they combine with each other in specific reference to our compatibility as a couple.

Reading and re-reading through this book reminds me of the wonderful reasons why I’m in love with my husband, and how and why he came to love me. Our past, present and future is all transcribed in this book with such insight and accuracy that it cannot be denied that we were meant to be together. It also highlights some areas where we need to remember to be empathetic and kind with each other.

This valuable information serves us as a pocket “marriage counsellor” that we can refer to anytime for insights into the way we are behaving and how to accommodate each other to remain happy and in love for a long long time.

Sophie - Sagittarius