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Meet your Astrologer…

First and foremost I’m always blown away by Victoria’s beaming smile and genuine warmth. Her LEO Sun really shines through in her confident yet playful approach to deciphering a birth chart. I love her practical and compassionate insights and good sense of humor. Astrology is a beautiful language that can help us align with our […]

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What is involved in an Astrology Reading?

What is involved in an Astrology Reading? Fee Stucture: Initial Consulation (2 hours) Birth Chart Reading and 12 month Predictive Report – $180 AUD Follow-up Consultation (1.5 hours) Updated 12 month Predictive Report only –  $150 AUD Firstly, I will need you to provide some details about yourself: Date of Birth Time of Birth – […]

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Mercury Retrograde

4th quarter 2021 dates for Mercury Retrograde (more calendar dates below for extended planning) Mercury in Retrograde has become a bit of a buzzword in pop culture and it is considered the “Murphy’s Law” of Astrology, for example, “what can go wrong, will go wrong“. But it is not all negative, there are certainly some […]

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