Gemini – Mental Connections (May 22 – June 21)


If your Sun sign is Gemini, your mind is your best asset. Adaptable, curious, logical and decidedly communicative, Gemini’s are usually highly intellectual and always busy. Considered the toddler or youngster of the zodiac, Gemini’s are learning about the world in an ongoing dialogue. Think about the never-ending questions of a toddler, the inability to sit still, the fidgeting and the constant fun and games required to keep them stimulated and interested. This is the Gemini archetype, the perpetual adolescent, the eternal youth.

If Taurus is about personal comfort, Gemini questions why we need comfort….”but why? Why do we need to be comfortable?” (said whilst jumping on the couch, with earphones on, plugged into loud music, with the television blaring, simultaneously reaching for a cup of milk perched precariously on the coffee table nearby…)

Humorous, witty and tricky, Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Playful and somewhat glib, Gemini’s function is to use language, ideas, concepts and thoughts to communicate with others and make sense of our reality. The need for knowledge and to have curiosity satisfied is a strong desire for true Gemini’s. An admirable flexible attitude towards life’s continued changing of circumstances, Gemini has the ability to analyse behaviours and adapt accordingly with good humour and lively mental inquisitiveness.

Objective and non-judgemental to a fault, Gemini can be very inventive and imaginative, but they must learn to apply these skills and not become bored or disinterested quickly. Often Gemini will gain the knowledge, but will seldom address the deeper ethical or emotional portion to an issue. To Gemini a fact is a fact and that is that. Ideas are sought and admired for sheer mental stimulation, rather than for a subjective reason. Gemini’s challenge lies in integrating ideas and thoughts and understanding the broader meaning. To gain not just knowledge but also perspective.

As Gemini is a dual sign (along with Libra and Pisces), this can often make them seem inconsistent, changeable and indecisive. Gemini also rules the area in the chart that relates to siblings.

A famous Gemini was Marilyn Monroe. Mercurial and difficult to pin down, Marilyn Monroe was typecast as the ‘dumb blonde’ and this frustrated her as there was no room for versatility or freedom to express herself. Monroe spoke of her acting ambitions, telling the New York Times, “I want to grow and develop and play serious dramatic parts. My dramatic coach tells everybody that I have a great soul, but so far nobody’s interested in it”. Many actors often have dual signs actively in their charts, this is because duality suggests the ability to pretend or to ‘lie’, either to oneself or to an audience. Marilyn Monroe had both, one an affliction and one a talent.

Flighty and inconsistent, she represented the shadow side of Gemini; flaky, unreliable and nervous. Privately she was known for her intense intelligence and publicly was commended regularly in regards to her great comic timing and wit. Thus the duality of Gemini. Marilyn Monroe was clearly out of her depth and much to forward thinking and acting for the 1950s, which was an era of ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ and conformity, things that Gemini’s particularly distain and rebel against.

I always believed Marilyn Monroe to be an honorary Cancerian, with her hypersensitivity, emotional delicacy, mother issues and watery nature. And I am partly right. Although her chart holds little indication of a dominant Cancerian nature, the strong planetary influence of Neptune and strong elementary water, means that she was much more sensitive, idealistic and prone to addiction than the typical Gemini thick-skinned, rational archetype would suggest.

Given that Marilyn Monroe had the double impact of dual signs (Gemini and Pisces) within her chart, she would have been battling four different personalities within herself at any one time. Her desire was to form strong mental and emotional connections, both professionally and personally but unfortunately was unable to accomplish either fully. Her Gemini nature was unable to support her sensitive Pisces side or address deeper, more important issues within her psyche. Uranus (the planet of surprise) and Mars (the planet of violence) both in the sign of Pisces (addiction, karma) located in her 8th house (death and rebirth) is the suggestion of her sudden and early demise.

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