Inspiring Workshops Available

“The Introduction to Astrology was a fantastic workshop that provides all the necessary building blocks for a really deep understanding of the astrological signs, the houses and the three most important aspects. The detail and depth of these descriptions is incredibly beneficial to anyone looking to boost their understanding of the stars. Even after years of my own personal study into astrology, I was still able to gain new insight and understanding from this ‘introductory’ workshop. A valuable gem under the belt of any astrologer”

“The workshop on the elements, although it seems simple, gives a new spin and some great angles to the four elements that we all know so well. Doing an analysis of the elemental composition of an astrological chart gives a whole new perspective on reading a personality. Without this particular study, truly understanding your relationships in life will be quite difficult! Super detailed, yet simple, once again. Another important key to unlocking the full essence of your personality and what areas we need to work on to improve”Julian (attendee at both the Introduction to Astrology workshop and The Astrological Elements workshop)

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