Libra – Balanced Cooperation (September 24 – October 22)


Libra stands opposite Aries, the sign of independence, and therefore Libra is about others, relationships and harmony. Libra is a dual sign (Gemini and Pisces are also dual signs) and is the only member of the zodiac whose symbol is not a living creature, Libra is represented by the scales. Libra is also governed by the planet Venus, thus Libra is all about finding inner balance, equal and respectful relationships (both personal and external) and subjective judgements and indecision. Think about the scales, they rock back and forth, back and forth until finally one side has evened up the other and balance is achieved. This can only be fleeting though because life will tip one side and the scales will start to swing once more. Generally one side of the scales are heaped with emotion and feeling, the other side loaded with thought and reasoning.

Libra’s can be ever-changing, warm and loving or aloof and in control, this depends on the balance of the scales at any one moment. The key for Libra is finding how to achieve that inner balance. One lesson for Libra is to ensure they are making objective decisions and judgements, rather than subjective ones. Libran’s have a tendency to make things personal, focusing on the unfairness of a situation or the one-sidedness of a person. Libra’s can use their heightened qualities of justice and harmony to ensure fairness and cooperation are gained without their own integrity being lost. Unbiased evaluation rather than judgement. Execute decisions easily, without worrying about every small or large consequence.

When it comes to relationships, Libra’s can be the artful lovers. When you are in a relationship with a Libra, you can feel literally charmed right out of your socks. They can focus so intently on you as if to make you feel like you are the only person in the world. It is incredibly endearing, in both personal and professional interactions. As Libra’s seek to make the best decisions not only for themselves but for others, they are great listeners, weighing up all the options and when in a non- competitive environment, producing outcomes that are enlightened and thoughtful. If Libra feels pressured into anything however, they can become more stubborn than Taurus, digging in their heels until they have had, what they feel, is enough time to think about the right conclusion.

Libra’s will generally either be involved in long-term relationships or in no relationship at all…ever. It is a strange anomaly that the sign of relationships, ruled by the planet of love may not fulfil the archetype, but often the single Libra’s will be married to their career; lawyers, musicians, artists, decorators. It is actually because of the archetype that Libra’s can have difficulty in finding a partner in the real world who can fulfil their high expectations. “In love with love itself’, Libra can put people on a pedestal and invariably the fall is mighty, Libra is hurt and disappointed and stubbornly resolves to be dedicated to a ‘thing’ instead of a ‘feeling’. That is the nature of their duality.

Finally, Libra’s are wonderful to have around, they are social creatures and often are artistic or creative. They can be great communicators and are always orientated towards the team or collective. Self-deprecating and interactive, Libra will always make those around them feel special.

Serena Williams, a powerful chart for a powerful lady. Serena Williams is an all conquering, former No. 1 tennis player whose chart is fascinating. By all accounts she is a true Libran, with her huge stellium (cluster of planets) in Libra, including her Sun sign, it is a major focal point. A stellium represents a concentration of energy and the expression of it can either go one of two ways; it can be neglected or it can be utilised. Clearly Serena Williams utilises her stellium. Just about every significant planet is located in her stellium and in this case Pluto, the planet of transformation and self-mastery, along with the Sun, symbolic of individuality, empowerment and self worth, are key here. This is capped off by a strong ambition and the driving force of a father-figure, in her case, her own father was the motivator.

Even though Serena has many indicators toward Libra, she certainly does not appear in public to be a typical Libran archetype. I would say she is an honorary Virgo. With that packed 6th House, the house of Virgo, she has been dedicated to her craft, honed her skills and mastered her objective. Her work ethic is unbelievable and her grounded nature would ensure her success. As both Libra and Virgo have a willingness to please, this would have helped with her coaching and training but her competitive nature would only be with herself, perfection of her game would be paramount.  (read more about Virgo here)

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