Pisces – Sensitive Imagination (February 19 – March 20)


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Astrology is a symbolic depiction of the human psyche, using the energy of the planets in the solar system. It suggests how we are likely to perceive reality and process experience through behaviour and mindset.

An Astrological Birth Chart is made up of three different components; the signs or zodiac, the houses (the pieces of the pie) and the planets, which symbolise the basic drives and functions.

This brings together a HOW, WHAT and WHERE scenario – How the signs will manifest or filter feelings and desires. The houses show Where the action or experience is taking place and finally What are the planets asking from us or suggesting to us.

Astrologers also interpret the Elements, Modes/Qualities and Orientations, for a greater understanding of the natal chart as a whole. Elements are about finding a natural balance, developing a weaker area and honouring the dominant force. Modes/Qualities are about constructive growth and harnessing potential. And the Orientations divide the zodiac into two groups; the first 6 signs are said to have a subjective perspective as they deal with the development of the individual. The final 6 signs are said to be objective as they deal with the development of the individual in relation to others and society as a whole.

One of my specialities is Signs of the Zodiac and finding an individuals true or honorary sign.






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