Sagittarius – Grand Opportunities (November 23 – December 21)


If you are a typical Sagittarian Sun sign, your key words are true to you, but can also represent a paradox in your nature; optimistic and opinionated, adventurous and excessive, honesty and insensitivity. Sagittarians are on a quest for truth, their own truth and nothing but the truth. And it is this idea of truth that sums up most Sagittarians who are dedicated to traveling, searching and learning. They are most comfortable exploring and taking risks in their pursuit of meaning. For them, travel (literal or metaphorical) and higher knowledge (formal or life’s lessons) go hand in hand. Expanding the mind and the freedom to do so, is paramount to Sagittarians. They most certainly have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The warmth and pizzazz of a Sagittiarian, can quickly turn to fiery temper if they feel challenged or threatened, particularly if accused of dishonesty or exaggeration, of which Sag can unfortunately be prone to both, another paradox. Integrity and ethics are extremely important to Sag, but they struggle sometimes to take responsibility for this flaw in their psyche; feeling so sure of the truth that they totally ignore what is actual fact.

They are big picture people, flashy entrepreneurs and promotors with grandiose dreams; they are risk takers and restless, believing life to be one big adventure with no limits. They can be extroverted, talkative and forward. Terrific sales people, Sagittarians will have you committed to a cause (often involving animals whom they generally adore) or signed up to participate in that 20km marathon before you can even blink. However, as much as Sag’s promises and commitments are made in a generous spirit, often times they are broken or not followed through because they are already over-extended or scattered in mind. Their challenge in life is to develop a trained mind and a grounded, common-sense outlook, so they don’t disappoint or appear flaky. Manifesting big virtues can manifest big vices.

Their communication filter is often switched off therefore their delivery can be direct or even blunt, but Sagittarians are usually free of harmful intent and move around in life with never a false pretense. It is this belief in honesty without recognising the consequences that can be the double edged sword for Sag; some people appreciate having a candid approach and straightforward dialogue. Others, who are more sensitive, can find Sagittarians tactless at best and obtuse at worse.

Sag’s can grapple with highs and lows within their personality, this is particularly evident when their rose-coloured glasses are removed and they see the world as a realist; not just full of positivity and opportunity but full of all sorts of brutal situations and occurrences. This can make them succumb to addiction, be it risk-taking, addiction to constant change and of course the usual suspects like gambling and alcohol. Sagittarius need to learn to grow and expand and promote without being self-indulgent.

Ruled by the great and powerful Jupiter, considered in Astrological terms as the helpful planet, full of generosity, opportunity, luck and abundance, this is the perfect match for Sag’s fun, playful and gregarious natures. Their confident belief in future greatness and the larger goals, sets a good example of vision and inspiration. Sagittarius’ free-spirit as well as visionary attributes move beyond the local and into the global realms, making the world an expansive and friendlier place.

Bob Hawke was one of Australia’s longest serving Prime Ministers, holding the top job from 1983 to 1991. A memorable leader, he was a typical Sagittarian, flamboyant, fiery, optimistic, opportunistic and lucky. He represented the decade of the 1980s well, a new era of advancement, greed, daring and spunk. Bob Hawke was supremely confident within himself, and this is represented by his packed 1st House; characterised by an innate sense of self, a strong personality and dynamic independence. As a child, it is reported that he told his school mates that one day he would be Prime Minister of Australia, for which his inflated self confidence got him a swift kick up the backside! However, it was this self assurance that did eventually see this charismatic Sag rise to the top.

He was helped along astrologically with a strong work ethic, huge ambition and a somewhat pragmatic nature. He also gained the ultimate in higher knowledge, when he studied at Oxford University as a Rhode Scholar before becoming PM.

Bob Hawke’s downfall however, was his arrogance, addictive nature (alcoholism) and often improper and unseemly communication style. His academic and global vision achievements are possibly outweighed by his excessive nature and autocratic approach.

Bob Hawke is no doubt a true Sagittarian, but errs on the side of grounding Capricorn; a drive for recognition, being dutiful and lofty aspirations.

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