Scorpio – Life’s Inevitable’s (October 23 – November 22)


Being a true Scorpio, you do not and will not suffer fools. You have the supreme ability to cut through the rot and get straight to the heart of the matter. For you, life is about revolution, killing the ego by putting aside self. In order to free the soul, you will enact REAL change by opening thought patterns and representing the force of cyclic transformation; gathering energy, releasing it, gathering energy and releasing it again. This makes you a passionate, protecting, defending, incisive and compelling individual.

Your Sun sign represents the depth and the seriousness that comes with topics such as birth, death, sex, life and shared resources (like taxes). The murky underworld does not scare you, it invigorates you, because ‘Life’s Inevitables’ mean so much more to you than the average person. The word transformation appears continually with Scorpio because you are prepared to go the ‘hard road’ with feelings and emotions, condensing and intensifying them to come out of the process more evolved. A strange oxymoron, but you are happy to face fears, yours and others.

Unlike other signs, who can be quick to identify and label feelings and emotions and then hastily move on, you are more likely to take your time, your privacy and your space, to come to authentic conclusions, truthful decisions and palpable transformation and renewal.

It is this all or nothing attitude that can sometimes make you excessive, be it with issues of control or particularly issues of trust. You are so committed and driven at getting to the bottom of any interest or concern, that sometimes you end up not just visiting the murky underworld, but actually participating in it. This is where labels such as suspicious, jealous, scary, manipulative and vindictive will follow you. The key to an enlightened Scorpio is to have the courage to trust in the process of life, risk your intense feelings on the right people and gain a positive outlet for your need to understanding the depths of everything.

Metamorphosis does not have to come with vengeful thought or malicious deed towards life or others. When Scorpio learns to master themselves through balancing light and dark, their capacity to destroy old forms and initiate new actions is powerful. A cautious but dynamic thrust towards insights will allow you to achieve the big breakthroughs in your lifetime, as well as remaining in tune with the world around you. Ruled by Pluto and sharing some qualities of Mars (when in Retrograde), Scorpio needs to clarify its desires and focus its passion internally before acting. This means you can still be assertive and focused without being impulsive or destructive. It is the Mars influence that gives you a good deal of courage, as well as a passionate nature, but Pluto is the bearer of subtle energy and higher level awareness.

I was very surprised indeed, to learn that Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft is a Scorpio. As one of the world’s best known entrepreneurs of the IT revolution, it would have been more fitting if he was a Gemini or Aquarius. Traditionally in astrology, you would look for those signs or a heavy Air (analytical) element in a person’s chart to know they are potentially involved in IT transformation. But yet, there is that word again, transformation, which sums up Scorpio.

At first glance, Bill Gates’ chart does not revel how or why he became who he did, to be honest, it is a chart full of caring, compassion, emotion and depth, a chart with the potential for someone to be an entrepreneur of childcare centres or mother’s clubs. But looking deeper (which is what all Scorpio’s want us to do) I would say Bill Gates is an honorary Aries. With a huge amount of Cardinal energy and the sign of Aries in the 10th house of career, Bill Gates is an initiator, pioneering and driven. Grabbing opportunities and using his intuition, he was propelled along by his 8th house in Aquarius (inventiveness, intelligence), also his packed 4th house in Libra (interpersonal relationships) and packed 5th house in Leo (self-directed, creative).

The nurturing, caring side of his nature has come to the fore, after his profound success, whereby he has become a dedicated philanthropist, having given over US$28 billion to charity and promising to eventually donate 95% of his income to not-for-profit causes.

At this point, I would also like to compare Bill Gates’ chart with that of Steve Jobs, founder and chairman of Apple Inc. They have a lot in common and not surprisingly, a lot not in common.

Steve Jobs is an interesting character and his chart reflects this. He was a Pisces, which is a water sign like Bill Gates. And like Bill Gates, he participated heavily in the Aries archetype; pioneering, opportunistic, ambitious, and the ability to pursue a vision and action it into reality.

What is different about them? Fundamentally, their communication styles. Where Bill Gates had a considered approached, with a willingness to please, Steve Jobs was the antithesis; impulsive, dogmatic, with a sometimes brutal, stinging style. As a leader, Bill Gates had a participative style, whereas Steve Jobs leadership was demanding and autocratic.


Steve Jobs chart shows that he was much more of a loner, a rebel, than Bill Gates, who is more about belonging, harmony and sensitivity. But Steve Jobs had a lot more analytical and problem solving abilities, he was an supreme innovator. Bill Gates wanted to help people have practical and attainable computer systems so their lives would be easier. Steve Jobs wanted software and hardware to be fun, not just functional; he considered himself an artist. Bill Gates wanted software and hardware to be accessible; he considered himself a business man.

What I find interesting about comparing their charts is that on the surface, both have charts that do not expose immediately the story of what they became famous for, but when the true story is uncovered, we can discover who they really are and what their motivations were.

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