Taurus – Materialistic Security (April 21 – May 21)


If your Sun is in Taurus, you are a person of substance, with loyal and pragmatic qualities. Productive, reliable, grounded and patient, materialistic security is very important to you and your natural persistence will help you succeed. Slow and steady wins the race, this is your mantra. Practical and realistic, you are always looking for genuine and perceptible results, no matter how big or small.  Learning about subjects like astrology or topics that are in the spiritual realm, is generally not a top priority, it is way too esoteric for you. It’s not that you are cynical or openly question the validity of such things, it just that Taureans are all about the tangible and the senses, what you can see, hear, touch and taste. What is real and dependable.

The true Taurean values a relationship to the material world, in fact, VALUES is the key word. Ruled by the planet Venus, a strong moral code and being a provider are very important to you, particularly in relation to home and family life. You can be very sensual, not just sexually, but also your relationship to good food, nice clothes, a comfortable couch and life’s pleasures. Ensuring access to luxury’s is not just about being comfortable, nor is it about being boastful, Taurus values good quality items that will last.  The most earthy of the earth signs, Taurus needs to dig in the garden, cook good food and enjoy a comfortable home. The practical and the tangible results are vital to your contentment. Taurus is also a sign that will work very hard to gain financial security. Resources and possessions can literally mean the world to Taurus.

Often gentle natured, honourable and courteous, Taureans secretly hold old-fashioned values and ideals to heart. Although traditionally considered stubborn, Taurus is more about ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, the attitude being cautious progress. Their challenge in life is to build authentic structures whilst staying open to the possibility of imagination.

One of the most famous Taureans around today is Elizabeth II, Queen of England. Renowned for her work ethic, stinginess and practical, down-to-earth nature, Queen Elizabeth is without doubt 100% Taurean. The Queen enjoys horse riding, nature, animals, walking in the country-side, all very earthy pastimes. She is famed for being a spendthrift, her no-nonsense approach and a dry sense of humour. Queen Elizabeth is considered to be one of the most hardworking monarch’s ever to lead a country but she holds values and traditions very dear, sometimes to the detriment of her own family. Appearing in public to lack emotion, it is interesting to see in her chart that she has quite a lot of Water in her elemental make-up. This should make her a highly emotional and vulnerable person, but her pragmatic, earth side is so finely tuned that she will always maintain a stiff upper lip in public, whilst potentially being very intuitive and caring in private.

Queen Elizabeth would never dream of breaking with custom and allowing Prince Charles to take over the throne before she dies. To her, the Royal Family and it’s heritage and rituals is an institution and should be held to highest standards, above anything else, including “ones own feelings”. With her packed 2nd house (the conventional house of Taurus), Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with money, possessions and wealth have influenced her reputation with the public and her family. She has maintained her ideals as the ‘provider’ whilst being pragmatic enough to agree to pay taxes into the public coffers. However, she would only have agreed to this after special consideration and long periods of thought on the matter, and ensuring her luxuries were maintained.

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