Virgo – Purposeful Service (August 23 – September 23)


Being a true Virgo, your key words would read like this; dutiful, humble, meticulous, conscientious and yes, the word you have heard time and time again, perfectionist. Virgo’s are here to help and to provide a service in the most detailed-orientated way and to analyse and fix in a precise and practical way. Virgo employees are generally worth their weight in gold as their tendency to work methodically and tirelessly, willingness to help others and their discreet nature’s, means they can strive steadily towards perfecting a goal or an idea. The perfecting concept for Virgo doesn’t just relate to work, it predominantly relates to self and also to the people and environment around them. Through hard work, structured routines, reasoning, good health and problem solving, Virgo believes human nature can be perfected and become divine. Whilst Virgo can be overly critical of others, they are actually the hardest on themselves. My favourite quote that sums up Virgo is, “sometimes she scolded herself so severely as to bring tears into her own eyes”. (Lewis Carroll “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”)

Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, but unlike Gemini’s (who are also ruled by Mercury), Virgos tend to be introspective, introverted and literal. Whilst Gemini is busy with overt energy, external chatter and quick to boredom. Virgo is the antithesis; the Mercury energy is manifested with internal ruminations, negative thought patterns, shyness and self analytics. Sometimes Virgos can become too rigid with routine, too caught up with detail, too intent on perfection, that they miss out on opportunities for life and soul growth and instead of being in charge of life’s details, the details are in charge of them. This adherence to daily convention or overly hyped work ethic can lead to a workaholic tendency, bad physical and mental health and difficulties dealing with fellow humans.

In modern astrology, we are starting to believe that the relatively newly found planet of Chiron is Virgo’s natural ruler, rather than Mercury. As Mercury is the planet of mental connections, Chiron is considered the problem solver or wounded healer. Chiron’s function is to define the highest of ideals and manifest them into reality. Adapting, adjusting, restructuring and redefining existing forms so that what is ideally perfect, is practically possible. Although not officially recognised at this time, most astrologers these days will give more weight to Chiron when interpreting Virgo, as it is a better fit. Having said that, Virgo relates perfectly well to Mercury when in Retrograde; the sense of patient waiting while performing humble, routine tasks, industrious planning, repetition until accomplishment, passive-responsiveness. (Read More About Mercury in Retrograde)

The Virgo archetype has it’s virtues in patience, attention to technique and procedure, obedience to methodology, industriousness and humility. Virgo is about reviewing, reflecting, learning and mastering. They can perform the smallest, most ordinary or commonplace job with such skilled precision and fastidious complexity that they make the mundane into an art form. Behind many a shy and unembellished Virgo is stamina, wit (and sometimes eccentric humour) and discernment. Virgos must learn to maintain a sense of humour and flexibility towards their work, life, daily routines and schedules, and understand that perfection is a great ideal to strive for but not necessarily always achievable. Because Virgo rules the 6th House of Health, they need to find the balance between mental and physical well-being. By not being too obsessive and by honouring the imagination and the soul, Virgo can avoid neurotic or nervous health outcomes.

Michael Jackson was a Virgo and he had a complex chart, indicating a complex character. With his packed 6th House, the house of Virgo and two significant planets in Virgo, it is clear that his need for perfection from his work and his art was strong. He certainly learnt his craft and mastered it. He was known for his work ethic, particular style and fussy nature. With a small stellium (cluster of planets) in Leo, his self confidence should have been strong but the over-riding influence of Virgo cannot be denied. Both Chiron and Mercury are opposing each other, creating a push/pull type tension; motivated by self expression, but at the same time feeling highly self critical and negative.



The Leo and strong fire element, indicate an individual that is driven, creative, energetic and a born entertainer. The Virgo and strong mutable mode qualities tells a story of a person that has all the traits above, but also the talent, the versatility and the ambition to have great success. To me, Michael Jackson seemed to be always on a search for truth; about who he was, what life was all about, the truth as to whether he and his talent was really good enough. He had very strong imagination realms and high sensitivity, but often was secretive, ambiguous and unclear about his own motivations when it came to life.

Finally, Michael Jackson had an unaspected Sun, which would indicate father issues. He also had a strong story in his 8th House of Death, with Neptune in Scorpio, representing addiction, karma, revenge, death and transcendence.

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