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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Taurus

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Moon is traveling through comfy Taurus today. Eat something you love. Have a second serving.

About Astrologer Victoria Davis

Victoria is a Professional and Consulting Astrologer, and runs her own business Who Am I Astrology, offering personal readings, consultations, workshops and key note speeches.

Member of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc. (QFA).


Taking the guesswork out of astrology and making it accessible for everyone, is at the heart of my practice. Focusing on person-centred, free-will, Western or modern astrology, I am most interested in exploring who you are at a practical, spiritual and soul level, in accordance with your universal fingerprint; the individual natal or birth chart.

I am Australian and recently resided for 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand with my husband Mark and 5-year-old-daughter, Odessa (Frankie). Now relocated back to Brisbane, Australia, I enjoy yoga, meditation, Thai massage and crystal therapy.  Mostly I love to spend time with friends and family, and enjoy great conversations!

“Moon Child Cards” are my newest creation.

The moon changes zodiac signs every 2.5 days and children are naturally attuned to that energetic shift. Their behaviour and attitude may change noticeably every few days. Connecting to the rhythm and messages of the moon is precious for both adults and children. These cards are filled with wonderful and helpful tips and tricks, to encourage understanding and bonding, and tap into the natural cycle your child is experiencing every few days. 

These cards were born in Thailand, at the same time as I was growing into becoming a mother. I realised very quickly, that with parenting or caregiving, we need all the advantages and insights we can get! 


I was inspired to create these cards by observing my daughter. Just as the Moon governs our tides, the same natural ebb and flow resides within us.
By making the connection between practical needs awareness and the moon’s natural cycle, Moon Child Cards offer the perfect way to support both the caregiver and the child.

Moon Child Cards may even help you tap into your inner child and what kind of self-care or nurturing you may need every few days.

Now introducing Moon Care Cards for adults!

These cards were developed with you in mind, as the centre of your universe. We know that self-care and self-love is important, but it can be difficult to know exactly what to do every day.  

The emotional and mental landscape that surrounds us can be daunting at times, we can forget that peace and calm can be so easily found in nature. 

Look up! Our nurturing, nourishing moon holds the answers to your self-care routine.

It’s time to connect with the moon. From Moon Child Cards for your little-ones, and now Moon Care cards – just for you. With bonus affirmation cards!


I was inspired to create these cards by observing the connection between practical self-care and the moon’s natural cycle. The moon represents our feelings and emotions. The divine moon energy can support our needs and our sense of comfort. Moon Care Cards offer a thoughtful, nurturing and sensitive way to support the mind, body and spirit.

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