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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Leo

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Moon is traveling through Leo today. Shine and be proud! You rule right now!

Know your true purpose and most fulfilling path.

Book your personal astrology reading today and explore who you are.

Your reading is comprehensive and very informative and is prepared personally for you.

We will cover many areas of your birth chart and then we can look forward in time, revealing information about a range of topics including love, children, professional life and spirituality.

“I regret having an astrology reading” – said NO ONE ever!

I invite you to explore the messages from the universe with me.

What is Involved in a Personal Astrology Reading?

Firstly, I will need you to provide some details about yourself:

Date and Time of Birth:

If you don’t know exactly, ask your mum, dad, sibling or family member. An exact time is preferred but I can also work with an estimated time like around 2.30pm or around 10am. If no one knows your time of birth, we will need to work together to find a birth time.

Place of Birth:

This is the town, city or suburb, and then country you were born in. If you are born in a small or remote town, please also provide me with the next largest town. Most places will be found and calculated, occasionally though I may need a larger town. For example if you are born in Nimbin, the next largest town is Byron Bay.


Victoria Davis born 12 August 1979 at 9am in East Melbourne, Australia

After I have these details, I will do some preliminary work. This involves me calculating your chart from the information above.

The chart will look like this:

Victoria Birth Chart

Once I have all the data, I may ask if you have any specific areas or questions that you would like me to focus on. I will make lots of notes for myself and do some cross-referencing to ensure the information that I see in the chart is as accurate as possible. Preparation time prior to your consultation is between 3-5 hours and is included in my fee.

We will then have the reading and consultation. I can schedule it to be face to face or via Zoom video call.  The reading is recorded and you will receive a copy of the recorded file for future reference.

We will talk about what I have discovered about you, and we will have an empowering dialogue about your strengths, where you excel and achieve in life, and I will also talk about any challenges or areas for improvement. Because I practise “remedial” astrology, I may provide some advice such as suggesting certain books to read or activities you may want to utilise. I pride myself on my readings being easily understood and practical. 

All of this creates a framework for understanding yourself better and gaining insight into who you are and which direction you are heading. We will also discuss what is coming up astrologically in the next 12 months, including specific and important dates, highlights, themes and considerations which are personalised to your life.

Because the movement of the planets are energy surges, Astrology is a great access point for healing, restoration, recovery and renewal in areas that may have felt blocked or stagnant. 

The reading can be quite dynamic and profound, and you may feel some emotion during our session together. I would like to reassure you that:

My role is to hold space for you, with no judgement

I want you to feel seen and heard, in an uplifting and positive way

I will strive to encourage the best version of yourself and enhance your personal potential 

Please note; this is not a psychic or clairvoyant reading. I do not claim to have those talents. My skills as an astrologer mean I report on what I see in your personal chart, which is scientifically calculated by the position and degrees of the known planets in our solar system. I practice Free-Will Astrology, which means anything I tell you, is entirely up to you to agree with, work with or use – or not. This is your free-will.

I will always keep my readings positive and will never give you ‘bad news’. That is not what my astrology readings are about. My goal is to give you additional tools to form a holistic idea about yourself and your life.

Your reading is entirely personal and confidential and I am bound by ethics to not do any in-depth analysis about anyone else without their knowledge or permission. We can speak about other important people in your life but only in relation to you and your journey.

Astrology is all about timing, therefore knowledge is power – knowing when the timing is best for making certain decisions or advantageous timing for implementing action plans, can be most helpful.

All information is calculated and prepared personally for you. You’ll be amazed at how individual it is and how accurate.

Book your Astrology Reading Today!

Based in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. Zoom readings are available worldwide


Fee Structure

Comprehensive Consultation
(90 minutes) Birth Chart and 12 month predictive reading – $295 AUD

Follow-up Consultation
(60 minutes) Updated 12 month predictive reading only – $245 AUD

Written reports, add-on for initial or follow up readings – $20


Now offering hourly 1:1 Tuition $225

Mini-reading (20 minutes) $75

Zoom or Phone only (Recording and reports not included. Maximum booking time is 40 minutes)

For a fabulous, lively and insightful picture of your astrological world, Victoria is a great choice. She will synthesise information from your chart in a meaningful and practical way to give you useful direction, an idea of trends affecting you and deep connection with your unconscious life. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

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