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Moon in Libra

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Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

Offering inspiring and empowering workshops.

My workshops are great for team building or just a fun afternoon with a group of friends.

“Introduction to Astrology” is a fun, deep dive into the basics of  astrology and I know you will want more!

Follow on courses include the “Astrological Elements” (my personal favourite!) and the other planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

I also offer Keynote Speeches on a range of astrology topics.

Introduction to The Astrology Workshop

Workshop approx. 3 hours

Cost per person: Enquire Now >

Day, Evening and Weekend Sessions Available

If you have ever been interested in learning the basics of Astrology, now is your chance!

You will learn about your ‘big 3’, Sun, Moon and Rising sign, plus the 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses of astrology. Bringing it all together using each participant’s individual birth chart.

An informative session on the basics of Astrology, we will use your personal, astrological birth chart to do all our learning. This is often your first glimpse into your birth chart and can be very profound.

Understanding your birth chart is much more than just knowing one “star” or sun sign. By looking into the position of other planets, points and zodiac signs at the time of your birth, you can unlock information about yourself that may be the key to fulfillment and personal satisfaction. The astrological birth or natal chart is your universal fingerprint and snapshot into Who You Are.

If you would like to nurture your strengths, understand your challenges and create a framework of guidance, come and join. You will learn so much about yourself; it will be enlightening and inspiring.

A fun and interactive session, giving each person a snapshot of their horoscope and astrological personality.

Please note, you will be required to provide your birth details; date, time and place prior to the event so I can calculate your birth chart

The Introduction to Astrology was a fantastic workshop that provides all the necessary building blocks for a really deep understanding of the astrological signs, the houses and the three most important aspects. The detail and depth of these descriptions is incredibly beneficial to anyone looking to boost their understanding of the stars. Even after years of my own personal study into astrology, I was still able to gain new insight and understanding from this ‘introductory’ workshop. A valuable gem under the belt of any astrologer.

The Astrological Elements

Workshop approx. 2.5 hours

Cost per person: Enquire Now >

Day and Evening and Weekend Sessions Available

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Each element forms a part of the natural world and can greatly influence your personality traits and characteristics. This can be incredibly helpful for knowing how you approach life and what your underlying tendencies and perspectives may be.

“Elements is our energy manifesting in recognisable form”

A brilliant workshop for identifying core personality traits and how they may play out for the individual. My personal favourite workshop!

We will use your personal, astrological birth chart to do all our learning.

The workshop on the elements, although it seems simple, gives a new spin and some great angles to the four elements that we all know so well. Doing an analysis of the elemental composition of an astrological chart gives a whole new perspective on reading a personality. Without this particular study, truly understanding your relationships in life will be quite difficult! Super detailed, yet simple, once again. Another important key to unlocking the full essence of your personality and what areas we need to work on to improve.

Keynote Speeches

If you are interested in hosting me for a keynote speech about an astrology topic,
please contact me through the enquire now button.

I have a diverse range of speeches including

“Mercury Retrograde – everything you need to know”

“Moon Child – the natural cycle”

“Self-care through the Zodiac Signs”

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