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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Libra

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Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

“Astrology can reveal the meaning behind who we are.”

Astrology is the best and most sophisticated form of personality profiling. Practical and easy to understand Astrology can help you unlock your purpose and potential in the most important areas of life, such as love, friendship, career and home. Book your personal reading today.


About Victoria Davis Astrologer

Victoria is a Professional and Consulting Astrologer, and runs her own business Who Am I Astrology, offering personal readings, consultations, workshops and key note speeches.

Focusing on person-centred and free-will astrology, using both humanistic and traditional techniques, I am most interested in exploring who you are at a practical, spiritual, and soul level, in accordance with your universal fingerprint; the individual natal or birth chart.

Member of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc. (QFA).

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Moon Child Cards

Bond and connect with your child using the natural cycle of the moon.

Practical and easy to use cards, designed to support the relationship with your child or the children in your life. Filled with wonderful tips and tricks to help you navigate the nurturing instinct of the Moon’s cycle.

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Moon Care Cards

Align with the natural cycle of the moon as part of your self-care routine.

28 affirmation cards to inspire self-awareness and self-love every few days, supporting a healthy body, mind, emotions and spirit, using the moon’s beautiful zodiac cycle.

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Personal Astrology Readings

Want to know your true purpose? How to do self-care the right way? Are you on the most fulfilling path?

Explore who you are with a personal astrology reading. The reading is comprehensive and very informative and is prepared personally for you. We cover many areas of your birth chart and then we can look forward in time, revealing information about a range of topics including love, children, professional life and spirituality. “I regret having an astrology reading” – said NO ONE ever! I invite you to explore your personal messages from the universe, with me.


Offering inspiring, lively and empowering astrology workshops. Great for team building or just a fun afternoon with a group of friends. You will learn so much!

Want more? I also offer follow-on courses, plus keynote speeches on a range of astrology topics.


First and foremost I’m always blown away by Victoria’s beaming smile and genuine warmth. Her LEO Sun really shines through in her confident yet playful approach to deciphering a birth chart. I love her practical and compassionate insights and good sense of humor. Astrology is a beautiful language that can help us align with our talents and purpose and Victoria is a brilliant guide. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has re-inspired my love for learning with her workshops. Would highly recommend Victoria for personal readings and workshops!


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