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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Libra

crescent moon buttonLibra sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

Yearly Sun Planning

“Solar Planning” or Sun planning is using each month, every year, to focus on different topics, themes or activities. 

Capricorn Season January
Career and professional life. Status, reputation, how you want to be seen publicly. Mission statement. Parents and parenting. Authority and Agency.

Aquarius Season February
Friends, groups, acquaintances. Big, bold ideas, hopes and wishes. Future planning. Charity and humanitarian, volunteering. 

Pisces Season March
Rest and retreat. Solitude and meditation. Getting away, escape. Imagining and daydreaming. Universal intuition. Divine love. 

Aries Season April
Rebranding, renaissance, persona. A relaunch. New beginnings on attitude and personality. Approach to core personality. Self and identity. Your ‘look’.

Taurus Season May
Income, money, possessions, insurance, self-worth. Integrity, morals, ethics, priorities.

Gemini Season June
Local socialising, short trips, extended family and neighbours, connecting and communicating via publishing, media, photography, graphics. Short courses. Hobbies. Divine Feminine.

Cancer Season July
Family (original and self-made), home, homeland. Belonging, security, self-care. Gut instinct. Sacred space. 

Leo Season August
Time to shine on stage, with a platform. Creative self-expression. Individualism or individualising. Romance, dating, play and fun. Enjoying pleasurable past times.

Virgo Season September
Health and wellbeing. New routines or systems for the body. Vitamins, supplements, good food. Mental, physical and spiritual health; holistic care and practical implementation. 

Libra Season October
All kinds of relationships, particularly intimate and business. Self-value, equality, sharing. Others versus Self. Contracts and agreements.

Scorpio Season November
Psyche, psychology, releasing, cathartic. Deep dive into the meaning of your life. Profound insights through digging deep. Regression, hypnotherapy. Psychic ability. 

Sagittarius Season December
Teaching, training, mentoring, higher learning, education. Long distance travel. Abroad. Culture. Foreign. Seeking, searching, questing. 

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