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Generational Astrology

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Ever wondered about the generations and how they are reflected in astrology?

Pop-culture and astrology can often be unknowingly linked, because astrology uses ‘age and stage’ as a reference point for individuals, via the collective.

Because in astrology, we need to think collectively as well as individually.

Generations are generally categorised by the planet Pluto. The slowest moving planet in our solar system, Pluto takes between 12-30 years to transit one zodiac sign.

The main, current generations in astrology are:

Pluto in Leo – Baby Boomers

Pluto in Virgo – Gen X

Pluto in Libra – Gen X / Gen Y

Pluto in Scorpio – Gen Y

Pluto in Sagittarius – Millennials

Pluto in Capricorn – Gen Z

Pluto in Leo people, or “Boomers” as they are known, were born into an era of plenty. Post WW2 babies, they are the generation that believes they are invincible, that they will be forever young, and that the concerns of old-age are actually not their concern.

This generation built a world in which they were front and centre. The first generation in history that took childhood and adolescence seriously, they were transformed by youth culture. This generation invented ‘teenager’ or the teen culture. Being in the fortunate position of improved standards of living, they were able to postpone and delay their adulthood, with this new sub-category of ‘teen-hood’.

Being ‘cool’ and popular was, and still is, important to this generation. Confidence and enthusiasm are key components. Perhaps you could say, they are a ‘happy-go-lucky’ generation.

They also like to be leaders and to make sure it is ‘all about them’ – a very Leo trait!

Pluto in Virgo people, or “Gen X”, tells quite a different story. These people grew up in an era of disruption, economic fall-out and radical change. They have moved from the ‘I’ generation, to the ‘We’ collective and have certainly needed to be adaptable.

Often with many choices, but within the yoke of tradition, Gen X’s struggle to stay focused on the big picture or collective. They tend to worry or have concerns about the details in life. They want to mix things up with professions, relationships, housing and life in general, but seem to be under the strong influence of the Boomers and their trajectory. Never feeling good enough, Pluto Virgo people have had to transform how they approach self-esteem and self-assurance.

Therefore, they have made great advancements and transformations in medical, traditional, herbal, and alternative health. Most interested in ‘holistic’ health like mind, body, and spirit, this generation pioneered self-help or self-analysis. Therapy, psychology and counselling are this generation’s hallmarks and that has in turn, coined the term ‘mental health’.

Pluto in Libra people crosses over two distinct generations: the last of the Gen X-ers and the up-and-coming Gen Y’s.

These people transformed everything to do with relationships. Often being raised in the ‘divorce’ era, this group have found ways to stay married or in relationships.

They have also managed to get marriage equality and equal rights over the line. “Love is Love”.

Natural relationship builders, they instinctively know how to relate, and their lens is one of harmony and balance.

They like the beautiful things in life; therefore, this is a generation that values aesthetics and art for the sake of art.

Access to culture, events and social interactions have been the characteristics of this generation.

Pluto in Scorpio people are well and truly Gen Y. They are interested in investigating and uncovering what has remained hidden or buried.

They have come of age in the era of scandals, discrediting and dishonouring – think Harvey Weinstein or the Catholic Church disgraces.

They are a group that is interested in exploring sexuality, the occult, mysteries and opening up taboo subjects. Often highly sensitive and receptive, they are not interested in ‘knowing it all’ like their predecessors; they want to know how to live life with depth and trust.

They have taken up the banner of Gen X, and are staunch supporters of therapy or psychology, or alternative practices.

Pluto in Sagittarius people or Millennials, are the latest group to grow up and become adults in our world. The first generation to live entirely in the internet era, they are globally connected and highly educated. They are constantly seeking a sense of truth or belief system. The world wide web is their source of everything, and they are interested in knowing and exploring all facets of life and culture.

They can at times be quite dogmatic or argumentative, or excessive in their opinions.

This is a generation that was born to fly, with many having travelled extensively despite their youth.

Pluto in Capricorn people or Gen Z are still growing up currently, but they are witness to this particular era of humanity, whereby structures, systems and traditional authority, is being overthrown or broken down. These kids will potentially be revolutionaries, striving for a new way to go about our business, both literally and metaphorically.

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