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Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

What Astrology does, and does not do

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Events and situations are not caused by astrology, they simply coincide.

What astrology can’t do is predict the future in glorious, technicolour detail!

But what astrology can do, is compare what has happened in the past in order to forecast the future.

What astrologers do is data research. We have learnt to analyse planetary movements and the positions of planets in order to: connect what has happened in the past; discover what is happening in the present; and learn what may happen in the future.

Therefore, we can look back at events over time and see how they linked up with the astrological placements. In turn, we can apply the same principle to the future, watching the planetary movements and analysing what may take place.

That is how we can ‘predict’ a possible outcome.

Astrology does not determine the future, nor is it fated. What it can show, is the possible paths that lie ahead so that the individual can choose between them. The role of the astrologer is to create self-knowledge and awareness of the movement of the planets and the zodiac meanings, so as to give the individual an improved ability to make reasoned and sensible life choices.

So what is Astrology? Astrologers are still debating exactly that!

For me, Astrology is really about connection. Connecting with oneself and connecting with the universe to see what you can offer, both individually and collectively.

Ultimately, it is about tuning into the natural cycle of life. When the planets connect with each other, they in turn, connect with you. This is when astrology comes to life.

What astrology can do for you, is to help you to connect to the natural cycle of life.

These cycles are regular and constant, creating a reliable backdrop for several ‘age and stages’ in life.

Astrology aims to give you more choices, more control.

You are in charge of this life. Life is not in charge of you.

Nothing is fated, nothing is linear.

Life doesn’t really flow in a straight line. Therefore, Astrology is circular, ebbing and flowing like life does.

We, in the western world, are often told one version of life. That you complete one objective after another: go to school; go to university; get a good job; hopefully make some money; buy a home; maybe have a family; and enjoy all of that until you…well…you know, aren’t here anymore!

But what if you had more information? A more holistic view? More choices?

This is what astrology is about.

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